Year 6
Year 6
Year 6


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Our main focus this term will be; place value, the four calculations (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication) and fractions.  Across these areas the children will be constantly using and applying their knowledge of number facts.



We will be concentrating on comprehension this term - the literal meaning of what has been read, inferring how characters feel and act the way they do; along with developing word meaning.



The children will be given the opportunity to apply their writing skills across all areas of the curriculum, including RE.  They will be taught and encouraged to use a full range of spellings, punctuation and grammar rules within all aspects of their written work.



This term we will be considering the question, What kind of King is Jesus?

We try to encourage the children to share their views and ideas with the others and create reasons for their thinking - explaining why they feel strongly about different things. 

Our second topic for this term is Judaism, where we will be developing a deeper understanding of God and the Covenant. 



This term we will be learning about some of the key events which happened during World War II.  Linked to this will be our Design Technology topic where we will be designing and making planes from a variety of media. 

Mathematics will be integrated into the design lessons as the children use different units of measurements and angles to design and construct their planes.  Finding the average of a set of numbers and constructing graphs will also be studied in this unit. 

Once the children have created their planes, they will produce a set of instructions so that they may be built by others.


Key dates: 

Fleet Air Arm Museum - October 24th 

London - February 13th (TBC)

Space Odyssey - March 5th