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Year 2
Year 2
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Welcome to the Year 2 page!


In writing, we will be exploring the story ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’.  The children will be learning about noun phrases, sentences types including: statements, persuasive writing and sequencing a story. We will also be tasting and trying a range of fruit and vegetables using our senses to describe these.  In addition, we will explore and create a range of recipes. Within this the children will learn how to use commas in their writing, recognise imperative verbs and how to layout a series of instructions.


In mathematics this half term, the main focus is place value - within this we will focus on counting in intervals of 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s. This will also include partitioning of a two-digit number into tens and ones; estimating quantities and representing numbers in different forms such as tallies or using a blank number line.

The children will have weekly arithmetic and times tables sessions. These will focus on learning the 0, 1, 2, 5 and 10 times tables. This will progress onto the 3 and 4 times tables toward the end of the term.


During the topic ‘Food Glorious Food’ the children will be learning about what plants need in order to successfully grow. We will also be observing and growing our own plants. In addition, we will be exploring a range of ingredients and learning how to safely cook a variety of food.

In the topic 'The Gunpowder Plot’ we will be exploring Guy Fawkes as part of our significant individual from the past. As part of this topic we will be creating our own bonfire art work using a range of materials.


This half term we are going to be focusing on Hinduism. There are lots of exciting activities planned for this topic including celebrating the upcoming festival 'Diwali', in which we will be making a range of arts and crafts, including some traditional meals and treats. Furthermore, we will be focusing on the key features and beliefs that surround the religion Hinduism including the Gods and Goddesses and the story of Rama and Sita.


Homework and spellings will be set every Friday. Homework will be due in on the following Tuesday. Spelling tests will take place on the following Thursday and will consist of ten words that have followed a sound or spelling pattern taught in the previous week.

Useful websites 

Provides a useful reading list for children that are currently in year 2.

There are two free interactive games on this website 'Planetary Plurals' and 'Pond Life Plurals' that will relate to spellings rules being taught to your child. 

A great website that provides a range of activities covering literacy, numeracy and science.

A site all about coding, it included a number of coding platforms for logo, visual coding and many more.

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