Year 5
Year 5
Year 5
Year 5
Year 5
Year 5


Welcome to Year 5!

We are all looking forward to a great year in Year 5! We have lots of exciting activities and events throughout the year, some of which are listed below.


The teachers in Year 5 are; Miss Stevens (Class 11) and Mrs Blake and Mrs Locke (Class 12).  Mrs Blake teaches Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Mrs Locke teaches Thursdays and Fridays.  Mrs Tomkins is the main teaching assistant in Class 11 and Mrs Tailby is the main teaching assistant in Class 12, but we will also be joined by Mrs Blatchford, Mrs Sturgeon, Mrs Aldred and Mrs Burnard during the week.


Upcoming events

Friday 29th September, 2.00pm. Harvest Service in Church - you are very welcome to join us.

Thursday 5th October. Year 5 Visit to Coldharbour Mill. This is a great trip which links to our history topic of the Victorians. Remember to get your Victorian outfit sorted! More details on the trip letter but please ask if you are unsure.

Thursday 12th October. Year 5 to experience the Space Dome in school. This supports our Science topic of Earth and Space.


5th-9th March 2018. Mill on the Brue. This is a fantastic residential for the children in Year 5 and usually ends up being the highlight of the year, if not the entire time at Holy Trinity! We are really looking forward to our week at Mill on the Brue. More details to follow.

There is also a Year 5 Production to look forward to in the summer term as well as whole class clarinet tuition.



Our first unit will focus on letter writing. We will look at the purpose and audience of letters and write our own letter of application. Later in the term we will be studying a narrative unit using the book 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty. This will allow the children to experience an extended narrative text, helping them to explore character and plot development. 

In addition, each week the children will have a Guided Reading lesson and a Grammar and Target Writing lesson.



In maths our first topic is place value.  The children will be reading and writing numbers up to 1,000,000, rounding numbers, working with negative numbers, solving number problems and using roman numerals.

Each week the children will practise their times tables both at home and at school.



This term we will be studying Earth and Space. This is an exciting topic where we will explore the planets of our solar system. The children will complete research on the planets and work together to produce a class model of the solar system. We are very excited to welcome the Space Dome back in to school in October. This is a wonderful interactive learning experience.

Later in the topic, we will explore the phases of the moon. In preparation for this, children have been asked to complete a 'Moon Diary' as part their homework. Please return this homework after half term (Tuesday 31st October).



In spelling this week, the children will learn the rules for plurals.  As well as daily activities and spelling games in school, the children will have twelve spellings to learn at home, these will be made up of seven words which follow the spelling rule and five keywords from the Year 5/6 spelling list. There will be a spelling test each Monday using the words that the children have learnt the previous week.



Below is a timetable of when homework is given out and expected back in. Please ensure your child has completed their homework within the given time.

Monday: Spelling Test. New Spelling Homework set (this will be a written spelling activity and a SACAWAC sheet to complete during the week).

Tuesday: -

Wednesday: Maths Homework and Times Tables sheet due back

Thursday: New Maths Homework and Times Table sheet set

Friday: Spelling Homework due back

This Week's Spelling Homework:

Week 2 Homework