Year 4
Year 4
Year 4


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During the first half term, our main focus will be non-chronological reports. We will also be reading and writing stories about the Ancient Egyptians, creating information texts about them and later in the term, preparing play scripts for performance. There is a big focus on handwriting this year.


Our focus this term is Place Value and Understanding Number and the four operations. The children will read, write and order numbers, continue number sequences, investigate negative numbers and find fractions of shapes and quantities. They will have a weekly arithmetic lesson giving the opportunity to practise the four operations and their mental arithmetic skills. There will be four lessons based on their topic. The children should know all of their times tables and associated division facts by the end of year 4.


We will be exploring Sound (how sound travels and is heard by the human ear as well as how to change the volume or pitch of a sound) in the first half of the term before moving on to look at Electricity (constructing electrical circuits, exploring electrical conductors and circuit components) in the second half of the term. There will be a focus on developing enquiry skills taught through a range of practical investigations.

Year 4

Spelling and Homework

Homework will be given on Friday and will be collected on the following Thursday

Electricity Sheet

Year 4 Homework 16.11.17

Year 4 SACAWAC 16.11.17