Year 4


Welcome to the Year 4 Page!


In Literacy this term we will be focusing on planning, drafting, writing and developing Fantasy stories.  We will continue our focus on grammar and spelling within lessons. 


We will continue to develop the children's understanding of the 4 rules of number, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing using written methods. As the term progresses we will be studying fractions and decimals. The teaching of mental arithmetic skills will also be incorporated into our numeracy lessons.


Our Science topic this term is Rocks.  The children will be learning about the different types of rocks and their uses within the wider world.

Year 4
Year 4

Spelling and Homework

Homework will be given on Friday and will be collected on the following Friday.

Homework 9.6.17

SACAWAC 9.6.17

Homework (2) 9.6.17

SACAWAC (2) 9.6.17